Dev-C + + 4 for Windows 10


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DevC + + is a full-featured free development environment C / C + + wielookienkowy containing source code editor with syntax highlighting, compiler, debbuger, the linker. Environment is also a tool for creating installation packages of your programs. Installation is simple and limited to the case in accordance with instructions. You do not need to install any other additional software. Allows you to create applications that run under the console and windowed (W32api). He has many followers among others because of the small size and very stable performance. Code written in DevC + + on Windows platforms easily moves to Linux and vice versa (gcc <> DevC + +). If DevC + +, there were better and worse versions. Requirements: Minimum: 8 MB RAM (program then creates a swap file) 100 MHz Intel compatible with 30 MB of free disk space suggested: 32 MB RAM 233 MHz Intel compatible with 45 MB of free disk space